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Filmmaking, live film-mixing projects, film events and workshops

Dear Future is an artist led organisation who make films and curate film and moving image events. Our annual Dear Future Festival ignites conversation and explores new ways of thinking into the future. We collaborate with musicians, artists, thinkers, scientists, writers and poets. Filmmaker Rebecca E Marshall leads our filmmaking projects, workshops and live film-mixing events.


Live film-mixing

Rebecca's live mixing technique uses V-J software to gather and layer film material of people, light, colours, atmospheres and landscapes as a live show. It is a radically different process of filmmaking and sharing with an audience; testing, playing and re-seeing footage as a one-off event.


The technique enables poetic and collaborative experiments with uncertainty, humour, wonder, coincidence and accidents. It enables explorations into non-linear ideas and stories, and challenges the myth of carving singular routes into the past or the future.

Her performances create vibrant, intimate and unexpected spaces. Audiences are part of an event that is unique, with the excitement that comes with witnessing a live art form. 

The Team

Rachel Pearson and Rebecca E Marshall together have run film events and projects for over twenty years; commissioning, collaborating and curating community projects, film programmes and festivals. Dear Future is inspired from their mutual passion project - The Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings, East Sussex. This bijou community cinema has been thriving independently since 2002, supporting a huge community of film lovers and film makers.

Our Commitments

  • Responding to the needs of a diverse society

  • Ensuring equality of access and opportunity

  • Maintaining financial transparency and ethics

  • Reducing our impact on the planet and its climate

  • Creating the conditions where imagination, experimentation and risk can thrive

Dear Future is a legacy community interest project that brings creativity to work with film and moving image, with a core aim of making filmmaking and film events exciting, accessible and inclusive to a wide range of people.​

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