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Saturday 18th May 9.30am-12.30am | Powdermill Woods, Battle, East Sussex


A guided series of four walking meditations to experience deep listening and presence, through aspects of forest bathing.

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This is an invitation into the woods to deepen our sense of belonging.


The walks are taking place through the seasons of the year; the first took place in Winter at dawn, the second is our Spring walk at mid-morning, the third will be in Summer at midday and the fourth in Autumn at dusk.


Guided by Deborah Kelly and Clare Whistler.


Rebecca E Marshall will accompany us to film the traces we leave in the woodland environment, generating a film of our belonging through the seasons.


Participants are welcome to join any or all of the workshops as each will offer a different walk. Together we will generate a film that will be presented in November, with a seasonal meal to remember the year at the

Dear Future Festival.

Meet whatever the weather.

Wear suitable clothes.

12 places. £20pp

Other dates to follow.     


About the workshop leaders:

Dr. Deborah Kelly (D Pysch) is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, group facilitator and teacher. With a background in nursing, and shiatsu, she has worked in end-of-life care for over 25 years, initiating projects for palliative care groups, in and with nature and drawing on principles of Asclepian healing. She works with ritual, myth, creative exploration and bodywork within the cycle of the seasons. Her interests lie in therapeutic aspects of place, and, more specifically, working with nature and embodied imagination in her practice and academic research. She has published works on Eco-therapy, palliative care, environmental arts and transpersonal research.

Clare Whistler is a collaborative artist who makes site specific work in the landscape, poetry, performance, music and visual art. Current collaborative projects include Kin’d & kin’d with poet Kay Syrad as a composite eco poet; Waterweek & Watercycle with visual artist Charlotte Still; Turner & Whistler installations with visual artist Nicola Turner and Elephant Press for collaborative books with Raphael Whittle. This year she is touring ‘Something Light Written - two poets and an oak tree’ with poet Alice Willits.

Clare has worked with Deborah Kelly for ten years in the woods and for the Sara Lee trust. She has collaborated with filmmaker Rebecca E Marshall over many years and is a charter member of Dear Future.

Rebecca E Marshall is a filmmaker and Doctor of Philosophy though the practice of film.

Her daily exercise includes filming moments of everyday life to plunge into spaces of deep looking as a type of care. For over twenty-five years she has used the camera to create a personal method of conversing with the world, using the camera lens like a fingertip to feel into moments, collecting footage as pages of a filmic sketch book. As a filmmaker she embraces uncertainty and ongoing change to explore experiences of time. Her workshops facilitate creative thinking through the practice of film.

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